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Thread: Slow Asus Laptop

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    Slow Asus Laptop

    Hey guys i buy new Laptop of Asus AMD Processor its just 3 week and now its working slow what was the reason behind this can any one help me.....
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    Maybe create your own topic in the relevant Category.

    Or maybe 1 of the Moderator's here may even move your post.

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    Thread moved.


    A bit more background information might be helpful?

    1. Which model of ASUS is it?
    2. Which version of Windows is it (e.g. Windows 7 Home Premium)

    When you say "slow" is this:

    1. Boot-up
    2. Shut-down
    3. Normal running (local)
    4. Normal running (Internet)

    What antivirus and security software are you running?

    Have you installed any applications just before it started to run slow?

    Have you installed the drivers for peripheral devices just before it started to run slow?

    What are your power saving or performance settings? Generally you will have a choice between battery saving and performance. Have you changed these settings?

    Please look in the System Logs for any error or warning messages. In particular we are interested in "timeout" and "failed to start" type messages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronMaxwell View Post
    First thing I do with new laptops is uninstall any sort of antivirus software which may have come by default. Its a guaranteed performance boost. Only wimps and retards need it installed.
    But but but if you do that you'll get infected within 15 seconds....

    i mean a Super Moderator said so. So it must be true? Right.........?

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    First thing I do with new laptops is uninstall any sort of antivirus software which may have come by default. Its a guaranteed performance boost. Only wimps and retards need it installed.
    Yes, I remove it and any other trial-ware and redundant applications.

    However I don't agree with the bit I have put in bold; I believe that it is actually far worse............the only people who need it installed are the OEMs and the Security Suite vendors.

    OEMs are paid by the SSVs to do it, and the SSVs hope that there will be enough people who buy a full licence after the 60 day trial to make it profitable for them.

    I don't know what your thinking on that might be, but to me it looks very much like a cross between scareware and spam, only it involves large US corporates and multinationals?

    Now, over here, Microsoft have been made to give people a list of alternatives to IE. How about the OEMs had to give a list of security suite vendors, and point out that there is a firewall and AV built into Windows itself?............... that would stir them up?

    A WORD OF WARNING (to those not already aware):

    If your computer has shipped with third party security software it will almost certainly have disabled the Microsoft security solutions. If you then remove the third party security software you will probably be totally vulnerable unless you have functionality in your hub/router.

    In the short term, the easiest thing would be to go into the Microsoft Security Centre/Firewall and enable everything again, until you havbe made up your mind what you want to do.

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    I procedure:
    Download new AV program.

    Download the removal program needed to remove the factory installed stuff.

    Yes, Nortons and McAfee have removal programs. If you do not use them, you will wish you did.

    Uninstall the old and reboot, now install the new AV and update it. Now do a complete system scan.

    Be sure to goto Microsoft Security Centre/Firewall and enable everything that si not enabled.

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    The day-to-day performance of a laptop computer is tied to a number of different factors. If any of these factors become a problem area, the computer may slow down to the point where action must be taken.

    A laptop's accouterments generally determines how able-bodied the apparatus runs. If you are application an earlier computer, it may not be accordant with added avant-garde applications or Web sites. Earlier video cards, for example, cannot run applications from newer technologies that adeptness online videos, authoritative the computer run boring for as continued as the video is playing.


    Modern laptop computers are congenital with the adeptness to calmly handle a few tasks at once. If you accept too abounding programs active at the aforementioned time, the computer's assets end up getting advance too thin. Closing down bare programs will chargeless up assets and accept the apparatus active faster.


    Computer bacilli can accept damaging furnishings on a laptop. The added astringent the virus, the slower the laptop will perform. Spyware and malware applications will aswell aftereffect in a bogged-down system. Application virus abolishment software, either yourself or through a computer adjustment shop, is the alone way to ensure these problems will be solved.

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    Hello hollysurly, and welcome to AO.

    I am afraid that your answerbot needs a lot more work

    [Having been born and raised in the City and County of York, I know these things ]

    Their main shortcomings are that they fail to read the subtle nuances in a forum post, and take no account whatsoever of the subsequent dialogue that takes place.

    The guy who posted originally has a brand new laptop that has suddenly or progressively started to run slow in the space of a few weeks (3 he stated).

    There are a whole variety of possible causes but the closest your bot got was it might be a virus.

    On that note; spyware and adware are more likely in this day and age IMO.

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    Simply Just format its herd drive dist fully and re install windows in it.

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    If it's new and not working as advertised, return it.

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