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Thread: Root Certificate Expiration

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    Root Certificate Expiration

    I'm setting up a CA in an environment that i control and will be issuing a limited number of certificates to certain devices. I thought i read somewhere that the root certificate shouldnt be set to expire in a very long time from now (like 30+ years), but cant seem to find it. What would be a good amount of time for the root certificate to be valid?

    If i set it to something high (like above 30+), what are the security implications?

    I read on verisign that they set their to expire every 5 to 10 years, because "as computer technology improves, older generations of encryption technology become vulnerable due to newer, more powerful computers."

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    When I set up a test environment , it was 5 yrs but didnt put into production.

    Not sure what the guys do now.
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    Root Certificate Expir

    If Firefox is working correctly but IE and Chrome are not on Windows, then the certificate is not installed correctly in the Windows certificate storage. Verify the Untangle cert. is listed in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

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