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Thread: the best online solution for wordpress?

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    the best online solution for wordpress?

    hi guys . i have used some plugins on my wordpress website to proof hacks and spams . but they didn't seem to work ! i want to know if there was any wordpress plugin or other solution to increase my site security at: **Link Removed by Site Staff so it doesn't look like you're spamming...And the link isn't necessary for the discussion.**
    any help really appreciated !

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    Building a website for a business today is not as expensive and distressing. If you are looking for new free theme, Id like to present my favorite theme, hope it meets your requirements Click here.


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    I prefer CloudFlare, or Incapsula to do the work. Both have a freemium model, and they provide cloud WAF with DNS protection. Strongest all around. MODSecurity in Apache is a good start, but filtering at the lower layer (IP) based on reputation is a great basic first step.

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    There are plenty of WordPress eCommerce plugins in the market. But not all of them have the right set of features for your use-case.

    For example, some eCommerce plugins are made for selling digital goods like eBooks, photos, music, etc. Others are better suited for selling physical products that need shipping.

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