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Thread: what is job trend of web development?

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    I've never met an Anya, Annica, or Anna who could cook.

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    It seems but it will never ends. in middle wast side you will always notices somewhere vacancy for web application development but criteria will definitely change

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    Wink yes and not

    Quote Originally Posted by grantatrade2011 View Post
    Is web development is going down due to automated web making softwares?
    i read a article that job trend is moving to words it. Are you agree ?
    My answer is yes and not. because depend many thing

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    Hi, i am new in this forums and looking so good info about current trends of web development jobs. Its provide best future for developers in any country.

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    As long as the search engines will favor the uniqueness of the text (and the uniqueness of code), I do not think that hand-coded websites will disappear...

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    Hi nehag,

    I believe that there is a good future in website development, as I personally doubt if 25% of the potential has been taken up in even the most developed countries.

    As an example: my friend has a small jewellery shop in our town. His daughter is into IT,so she built him a website for e-commerce................he gets twice as much through the site as he does through his shop! This is a holiday resort, so things would be quiet in Winter.

    Also, these "off-the-shelf" sites are all the win customers by being individual and standing out?

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    Can you recommend me some web development software?

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