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Thread: How to change tempaltes on blogger?

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    How to change tempaltes on blogger?

    hi friends,

    i am having a blogger site..and now i want to change the entire templates to a new one..can you please explain me how to do this one in blogger...

    anitha meri

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    Firstly, have you even created a blog?
    you have to create one, choose a desireable blogskin, click "download blogger main"
    copy the code, go to "layout" ,"edit template"(if yours is in the new version)
    then paste the code in the white box.

    after you paste it there, scroll down and click save template.
    next, scroll really really down until u cant scroll anymore
    and click"revert to classic template".

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    Here is one thing I want to add download templates from then Extract file & copy whole code & paste it into edit template of blogger & remove those line which you don't need like div of Home Contact About us etc For example I would like to share my blog with you for your help on mobile apps development.

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