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Thread: finding out password somehow on my laptop

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    finding out password somehow on my laptop

    Now, I only use my laptop to access my bank account, I dont do anything else on it (ie. download stuff, watch movies online). I use my PC for that.But recently I m starting to use it more for work. So A good friend of mine is going to install microsoft powerpoint on my laptop for a presentation of mine. He will install it in front of me real fast. I trust him pretty well. I was wondering if there is anyway he can somehow find out my password for my bank account or hack my PC? I dont have any program except for internet explorer and some norton, malaware programs installed. I never record my password on anything and I change it every month. also I have internet explorer on auto delete for all history and cookies everytime I close it. But Im just worried. I ve even considered buying another laptop and using the new one as my new way of accessing my banking info only. thanks

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    If installing from the factory cd/dvd. He can do nothing.
    USB drive can be a different story. So have him use the cd and stay with him, actually have him show you or better yet, talk you through the install. Way I like to do it so I do not touch the computer.

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    Why not just create a temp user account, set it as restricted ie: Non - Admin.

    Run the installer as Administrator punch in password and let the installer run. As far as getting access to passwords etc just run something like CCleaner, and disconnect the laptop entirely from having any type of interweb access.

    also correct if i'm wrong, but why not just download openoffice or libreoffice they can open run/handle powerpoint stuff if i'm not mistaken?

    And as far as the comment about CD/DVD being more secure then usb. welp i've seen some pretty sophisticated knockoff's over the years. Some of those release groups can/have released pirated material that had packaging / Disc's that looked perfectly identical to the real deal.

    The normal joe blow wouldn't realise they've just bought a fake, not until the program starts acting wierdly days / months / years after it's initial installing.

    Most giveaway's are when it comes with a "Crack" / "KeyGen" or when it should ask for a serial but magically doesn't.

    I lol at the false sense of security folks get about that Hologram crap that is meant to proove said disc is official... It took how long before darn near perfect looking knock-offs flooded the market??

    Hell there have been instances were the actual company has "Accidently" bundled spyware/ Trojans / Virrii onto there so called "Factory" CD/DVD

    Sony had it happen a few years back.

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    Why don't you just buy it yourself, and install it yourself? Really it's just insert CD or download the program; open auto run, type your product key in, select what you want to install, and click install.

    Pretty straight forward and fool proof.

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