Oh God, it's been too long since I last posted in here.

*Dust virtual cob webs off*

Which brings up my topic for today.

I Googled my nickname today, which is also my Gmail handle.

Browsing through my Google search results, I saw one particular post archived in one web forum.
I was writing about God (or the idea of God) in particular. I was in a different state of mind then.
It certainly isn't an ideal read for prospective employers (what if they're religious) and all.

Gmail paired with Youtube, it means the search results would also show my Youtube feeds.
Youtube content I can control. This post, I can still edit (assuming Antionline runs forever and this current user database is never lost)
but that old writing, composed by a younger me is now locked and forever there for anyone to see.

My only solution is to provide another e-mail address for official purpose.
(Also, if you are one of the people who looked up my handle - you'd be certain to find this post as well).

People change and we grow. Sometimes we grow out of some idea/mentality/purpose/drive, sometimes we grow into some idea.

My question is, do you think someone can come up with a code/method to scramble search results?

For example, my company invented a product code-named RRE14-ABC. It bombed (failed badly in the market/or perhaps was laden with controversies).
10 years later, my company learned from our mistake, we have a new product coming and does not want to be associated with this particular RRE14-ABC.

So we create faux pages of RRE14-ABC with non-content or nonsense paragraph of words on free blog sites,
and we keep searching them on search sites and clicking them until they come up to the first 8 pages of search result.

Would this work?

Thanks for reading. I love the users in here.

(Also taking this time to say this to whoever that reached to this posting by searching my handle: People change, if you want to know my latest state of mind - contact the current me