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Thread: which color is positive on led

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    which color is positive on led

    MOBO power sw. Black or red? I have installed the red side to +. Also the other 3 connectors are: LD HDLED,PWRBTN, and RESET.
    I also have a 6pin connector lead from the power supply labeled PCI-E that doesn't seem to fit anywhere.
    MOBO is ASUS M5A78L-M LX+

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    6 pin, usually for some video cards that require more power.

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    Talking color is led

    The first commercial LEDs were commonly used as replacements for incandescent and neon indicator lamps, and in seven-segment displays

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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronMaxwell View Post
    It doesn't matter. LEDs contain a thin coat of wire that heats up when exposed to electricity. You can put them directly onto a battery and they'll light up.
    And you'll fry the LED. LEDs need to be current controlled. Most standard LEDs require 20mA. Voltage doesn't matter. Also note that a LED is basically a diode, so it'll let current through only one way. Connecting the LED the wrong way around and it won't work. It also doesn't contain a wire that lights up as that would make it an incandescent lightbulb.

    It isn't like an engine where if you get the connections confused it'll run in reverse...
    No, instead it simply won't light up.

    But the question wasn't about LEDs, it was about switches. And those really don't matter how you connect them.

    The PCIe connector is for videocards that require extra power. Mine actually requires 2 of those.
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    LED's now more popular in all parties and events. I like its more features and brightness.

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    OK, this thread is 5 months old, but I would like to add a few comments that might help subsequent readers.

    The underlying question is about how to wire up a MoBo and PSU.

    Over the past few years all the cases that I have bought have had the front panel USB and audio connections as a single block. There is a pin missing from the MoBo and a blank space on the case will only fit one way.

    The other cables have a white wire and a varied coloured one. The white or common colour is negative or neutral and the coloured one is live or positive.

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    In my opinion Green or Yellow

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    My choice is green or blue. The last one is better.

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