I am married to the best woman on the planet. I wanted to do a 12 days of Christmas thing but I’ve been married for 13 years…

Now it appears (at least to me) that she still loves me. And this Christmas I wanted to share – with all of you - 12 reasons why I love my wife (in no particular order):

  1. She loves me.
  2. She lets me love her.
  3. She is funny (important to me).
  4. She thinks I’m funny (well… I tend to repeat jokes and stories, so she may not think as much of the material).
  5. She is very bright
  6. She is still a stunner (no one else has ever gotten my attention like she has).
  7. She takes good care of herself, but is not self-absorbed about her looks.
  8. She is detail oriented (I’m a big picture person, so we complement each other’s strengths).
  9. She is a great friend (I don’t have all that many).
  10. She is patient (important when dealing with me).
  11. She is a great cook (as evidenced by my middle-age girth).
  12. She is very independent (as am I, so we are good at leaving each other alone when necessary).

Yea I know, but we’ve been together longer than we have been married.

  1. She doesn’t like me to bring her flowers (she sees it as a waste of money).
  2. She is compassionate towards those less fortunate than we are.
  3. She is a great mom to our kids.
  4. She actually loves me (I know, I used it to start, but it still surprises me).

Merry Christmas my love,