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Thread: IE&Firefox always redirect to

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    IE&Firefox always redirect to

    When I attempt to visit some specific websites, the IE and Firefox always redirect me to Is it hacked? I don't know how to solve the issue. Manual removal methods that I found from Google can help me out? Or are there any other ways?
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    Download, install, update then run

    The free version is plenty good enough,

    These do not install, but run from where they are.
    Adwcleaner -

    Junkware Removal Tool -

    TFC (Temp File Cleaner) -

    Let us know how your computer is doing afterward.

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    Has your problem been solved? I also encountered the same problem finally deleted from the PC by deleting it from my browser shortcut target as mentioned in this post. I also tried Malwarebytes but it couldn't pick up anything related to So I google and follow the manual removal methods from the internet.
    Hope this do the trick.
    Good luck.

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