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Thread: Windows 2008 VPN

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    Windows 2008 VPN

    Hey all,

    I am in need of opinions regarding using VPN on windows 2008 or using opnvpn to tunnel instead. I am trying to use the VPN for my kids and wife when they use wireless devices in wifi hotspots outside my home.

    Personally I use SSH to tunnel via Linux with key access but trying to get the non technical wife and kids something easy.

    I set up a quick and easy pptp on windows and saw the brute force attempts in the log and shut it down. Now I am thinking of a better way to approach this.

    Atlanta, GA

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    OpenVPN is pretty easy from a user experience point of view, simply because you can save the configuration files and easily transport them. I've seen several VPN providers that prefer open VPN simply for that reason. Lightweight, Simple and can't go wrong

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    Follow up: OpenVPN

    I downloaded the vm deployment for ESXi and got it working nicely in a few hours with OpenVPN. Great community support and very easy to get working. Plus way more secure than PPTP. I am going to support the project for 10 uses even though I really can get by with the 2 concurrent connections. It is good enough to support.
    Atlanta, GA

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