Hallo everyone,

I have a couple of questions regarding Ettercap, but first I'd like to give you an idea why i need it:

I am a testing enginer in campany that deals with manfucaturing of real time embedded systems and software. m task is to test for example microprocessors of FPGAs with certain codes to check its integrity.

we use Hardware in the Loop testing, so a LAN exists between the testing PCs and the processors' or FPGAs' boards.

we face a problem right now that the connection between the pc and the boards falls due to some error in the header files of the TCP packets, it sends (xFFFF) instead of (x0000). we need to fix back that error using ettercap.

so my questions are:

1- can ettercap change the headers or just the payload of the packets?

2- if not, can the source code of ettercap be modified to do so? can ettercap be compilied under windows after all that?