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Thread: quick question help craigslist

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    quick question help craigslist

    I posted an ad on craigslist for computer repair to earn some extra cash. Someone texted me @ 6:59am this morning and asked me if I could help them heres a screen shot of my iphone so you can see

    So I get everything all setup and after checking the source code i realized this is complete nonsense. It turns out to be a hoax! The number I got texted from is 239-494-6086 is for this company called drain masters in Bonita springs florida I called the number and it says no route exists for this number then disconnects me. After I called them I googled the phone number and did some information gathering, I read all the comments from other people It seems they're scamming people on Craigslist. My question is; is someone spoofing the phone number or does it seem this company is trying to scam people? Its a plumbing company though so that dont make much sense. I think it could be another IT tech trying to bump out the competition or just some joe blow using craigslist for his malicious intent. What would you do? and who would you contact? I already contacted craiglist but i heavent heard nothing any of you offer services on craigslist alll help is greatly appreciated
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    Give the police a report.

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    When I see "Thiss" rather than "this" I am sure that I start to smell rodent........................

    I am afraid that I do not know American systems, but over here in the UK I would certainly call the Economic Crimes Unit of my local police force.

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