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Thread: This one amused me :)

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    This one amused me :)

    I just looked at my e-mail to check on delivery of some business cards and found this beauty:

    Dear Customer ,

    We are sorry to inform you that your account
    has been suspended.

    A high number of failed login attempts have been
    recorded on your account.

    As a security measure we had to temporarily
    suspend your account.

    To restore your online account we have attached a form
    to this e-mail.

    Please download the form and follow the instructions on your

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    © Copyright 2013 HSBC Bank PLC. All rights reserved.

    I do not, and never have had, an account with HSBC or any of it's predecessors..................hang on though...........what about that $30 million I got for laundering that Nigerian's uncles account?

    What really hacks me off is that they actually think I would use internet banking.................huh! if I did that I wouldn't get to ogle the wimmin and steal the free pens

    Anyways there is a "real ale" pub between me and the bank................I have never found one of those on the internet!

    This post probably belongs in Tech Humour on this site, but it is a real scam that I just received.

    Good week-end folks

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    Got one like it yesterday myself.
    Chase was the bank listed. Never done business with them.

    ogle the wimmin and steal the free pens
    I see we agree on those points.

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