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Thread: How to insatll two versions of one software in Win7?

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    How to insatll two versions of one software in Win7?

    Hello everyone,

    So I have the old version and the new one. New one is already installed. When I want to install the old one in a different drive it says: "A newer version is already installed".
    Similar thing happens if the old is already installed then the new version replaces itself and automatically deletes the old one ...
    Do you guys think if there's a way to have both installed in different drives?

    Please let me know
    Thank you

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    Custom install to a folder that you name.

    And what program are you refering to?

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    Thanks Shay, not only in a different folder, but also in a different drive I tried to install it ... It "thinks" for a few seconds and finds its older or newer installed version ...
    I'd rather not say its name if you don't mind. It's a Beta version of an engineering software that is not released to public. You won't' be able to find or download it ...

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    You could install one in a Virtual Machine.

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