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Thread: creating a usb to pci slot adapter

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    creating a usb to pci slot adapter

    ive been looking at increasing the video performance on my laptop and have been looking for an adapter where i can plugin the video card of my choice and use it on my external monitor for gaming via usb port , does something like this exist or is it feasible to build? , the main thing is i want to see about adding a video card with on board ram so i can use it in those times i need it for gaming and second life which is a necessity as i sell shout cast servers

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    First thing that comes to mind is the need for additional POWER to supply to the video card... So you'd be half to the point of building a desktop pc.

    I wonder if something like this would help:

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    USB 3.0 video adapters work great for hi-def videos. Unfortunately though, they are still too slow for gaming.

    I have seen this: How to make an external laptop graphics adaptor. Never tried it though.
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    Hi there romanticcowboy,

    My call on this would be "no" as USB is basically too slow and not capable of powering an external video card, as has already been mentioned.

    My rather crude opinion is that you get what you pay for with a laptop and are pretty much stuck with that for good and glory. There are expensive "gaming" laptops that have an extra card/chipset (internally) for highly demanding graphics situations, but you do have to pay

    This is a UK built, cheap laptop, but it does have 8GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM and uses 2GB of that for the graphics, so it produces quite acceptable results on a 24" external monitor via a D-sub connection. Perhaps you could look at your RAM and the amount allocated to graphics?


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