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Thread: dongle license - multiple instance - really need help

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    dongle license - multiple instance - really need help

    Hey everyone,

    So I have the dongle for a software that I'm using. Apparently it supports only two licenses. I used to run more than 2 instances simultaneously and it was fine. So I used to open multiple instances and then press the run bottom.
    This morning, it started giving me errors that more than 2 instances can not be running simultaneously.

    Do you guys think if there is any way I can run more than 2 instances at the same time? Why was I able to do it before? I think maybe the dongle has timeouts! like I waited for a few minutes and tried and it allowed me to run the 3rd instance but at the middle of it, I got the error again!!!!

    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you so much
    PS. My apologies I can't tell you the name of the software. It's not publicly available yet

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    Sorry, but we can not help you.
    You will not violate any laws nor to discuss illegal activities.

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    Hi BB400..................I still haven't forgiven you guys for beating our boys in the men's curling finals!

    You need to take this up with the software vendor; as it is an issue about "instances" and "licences". Basically a licence is for a "seat" or an individual "user", whereas, an "instance" is how many times you can have the application opened by the same user on the same machine. Your software vendor may have different ideas?

    It sounds to me as if they have changed their DRM logic?...and badly.......................

    Shay is right, in that we cannot discuss this further in the open forum, as that would give people ideas regarding circumvention...................and we would all love to work for 9 months and then not get paid?

    I shall reply to your PM



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