A little about me, I served 10 years AD in the Military. My job was a Physical Security Pen-tester and Nuclear Recapture and Recovery Response Force. Got out in 2010 to attend Culinary School. Didn't pay the bills, went back into the Security field, building out Networks and Smart panels integrating with Security Alarm panels and IP Cameras. I have been playing with computers since the BBS days and have built a few for people while deployed. Figured I wanted to stay with the Security this time branching into the IT world. Took what was left of my GI Bill and put myself through IT certifications. Landed a Job with Cisco Systems, working my way up until I get that IT SEC Admin role. Slow process but I'll get there.

-Been messing with Linux since 2001, to date favorite platform
-Built Lab in home to work on Cisco Certs and Pen-test
-future plans of owning a small Physical Security and IT solutions business (I can do the first part with my eyes closed) its the latter that I need the experience.
-Wants to establish a Hackspace in area
-Loves the Raspberry Pi, been trying to use it as a pen test tool

I read a few post on this site before joining, the one by NetSecExpert, this kind of dialog is what made me want to join this community. Honesty and hold no punches.

Thanks and I look forward to talking to you all.