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    I have TeamViewer installed on my Windows Vista computer (accient I know) anyways, if I want to to remotely fix customers computers, I need to get them to install "TeamViwer" ? Also, my second question is how would you get paid from them if you fixed there system remotely? Paypal? Check, Money order? All help is greatly appreciated.

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    I did find these.

    $$$ , now that is a puzzle in tht case.

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    1. Browse to
    2. Click on "Download" button.
    3. Save the file to a desired location on your computer.
    4. After the file has finished downloading, open the file to execute setup.
    5. Choose to run or install.
    6. Select Personal/Non-commercial for personal use OR choose commercial license if you own a license.
    7. Check "Show Advance Settings" in case you want to change the install path.
    8. You may choose to enabled VPN options or add-in for Outlook from advanced settings.
    9. You are now ready to start a desktop sharing session with a partner who has TeamViewer installed on his computer.
    10. Enter your partner's ID number in the box bellow "Create Session".
    11. When prompted, enter the password provided from your session partner.

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    This is what I used when I built a remote support system for my employer a few years ago (I guess more than a few?). Since we offered flat fee remote sessions I simply had the download initiated after PayPal cleared the payment as part of the ticketing system. We replaced it with Go2Assist because of UAC issues, although I believe that has been since fixed. is also a good option from what I've heard, although it requires a repeater (included).

    I only use TeamViewer when there is already a session on the machine and I have to assist the technician (which is a fairly constant thing since my boss has a somewhat unrealistic view of his own abilities.)

    I like TeamViewer in terms of capabilities, but it lacks any method of automatically connecting with a single click.
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