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Thread: Facebook Hacked

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    Remembering long passwords is always such a challenge for me There are things like password generators (which you would then change slightly) and password managers to help. Also, there's some useful info in this article, as it covers the process of having your own password strategy, which may help in remembering them It says:

    "Say that your master password is G5w.&$;(9b.B and you want to create a password to use on Ebay. You could use the first and last letter of the company, which in Ebay’s case would be e and a, and place them at the end and third to last spot of the master password. Using a number to denote the length of the company’s name is also a convenient tactic. So for Ebay the password would be 4G5w.&$;(9bE.Ba and a further example would be PayPal: 6G5w.&$;(9bP.By."

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    Quote Originally Posted by EriTay View Post
    Yeah, we all should keep in mind how important it is to have a very secure password.
    i agree with you

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    Can anybody tell me the process??how to hack someone's id on fb?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DhruvSingh7278 View Post

    Can anybody tell me the process??how to hack someone's id on fb?
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