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Thread: Clearing CMOS

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    Clearing CMOS

    Hey folks. I've been having an issue with a new box I just bought. I wanted to make posting here the very last thing that I would do, because I've tried everything else and have been working on this problem for a few days now.

    I bought a Dell Optiplex GX 620 off ebay for fairly cheap just to play around with. When it arrived, I noticed it included a DVI card, and the VGA motherboard slot had been capped off with a piece of factory plastic, which tells me that port has never been used. I don't currently have a monitor in the house that supports DVI, so I got under the hood, and attempted to clear the CMOS. (First time ever doing it) . I'm not so sure I understand the jumper settings, or how to clear the CMOS with the jumpers, even after alot of attempts on watching youtube videos, and googling.

    Also, I removed the CMOS battery, and let it sit for a long time. Upon replacing it, I still have no video.

    Am I missing something ?
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    Or, if you havent't bought an adapter:
    1. Locate the password (PSWD) and CMOS (RTC_RST) jumpers on the system board.
    2. Remove the password jumper plug from its pins.
    3. Place the password jumper plug on the RTC_RST pins and wait approximately 5 seconds.
    4. Remove the jumper plug from the RTC_RST pins and place it back on the password pins.
    5. CMOS cleared!

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