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Thread: best disassembler for tracing the code

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    best disassembler for tracing the code

    Hello everyone,

    I want to be able to see what happens in the software when each single line is executed. And I want to be able to control it like when I press tab it executes the next line and so on. So for instance, if you use Ollydbg it doesn't give you this option. You can see all the lines and it probably gives you the start and end lines after execution being finished but this is not what I want.
    Like I said, I want to execute the code line by line and be able to see all the jumps and stuff and at the same what happens when each line is executed.

    Do you know any disassembler like this? And if it has an embedded Hex editor in it, that's a plus so that I won't need to use Hiew afterward. Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you

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    You are looking for a debugger, not a disassembler. A disassembler attempts to reconstruct source code from a compiled executable.

    In my day you used to have to set breakpoints in the debugger at which it would stop and show you the output thus far.

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    IDA Pro Disassembler (But so very, very, much more) is what you want....Total, Beautiful, Complete, Killer, Package....Best Debugger (as nihil stated, this is what you need) Out There (No, I don't totally think this is the best program ever created... ;-)
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    It's really nic information thanks for sharing.

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