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Thread: Tracking e-mail

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    Tracking e-mail

    Hi Guys/Gurls

    I have a question regarding tracking e-mails sent from a personal computer i.e. not corporate mail. Is it possible to track the delivery route of the e-mail sent out either via special flag such as read receipt or attaching a program or even inserting a hidden line or code. The problem is I have a friend of a friend who seems very paranoid and he believe his message are been incepted via the cloud. Maybe this bloke needs to see someone or maybe he has a valid point - anyhow I just want to know if it's technically possible to trace a single mail.

    The guy is going on about data encryption, Kaspersky and I believe he is running a mac (haven't a clue what version, I am not even sure if this guy updates his OS X because he complains updates take up space :/ and he's using Eirecom. - He says Eirecom don't encrypt his data traffic, So he use's Kaspersky for this reason I don't know to what extend, to be honest I think his understand of Encryption is a lot worse then mine, and I mine is exactly polished.


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    Be darn, guess you can.

    Where I found that search and more interesting reading

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    Kaspersky for Mac

    Yes, Mac and Linux can get messed with, but the chances are nil. Most folks do not even worry about anything hitting them.
    He is the first that I have heard of to run anything like that. I know I do not in Linux.
    Windows, now that is a different story.

    Maybe updating the MAC will eat up his monthly bandwidth. If he thinks , should he have a 30 GB limit, he will hit it. he would have to hitting P2P real hard as the wife and have never hit 3 GB combined.

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