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Thread: Wordpress and WooCommerce security

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    Wordpress and WooCommerce security


    My site is . Essentially this is an online shop where we are selling Romanian products abroad. Althoughh I am not a a developer, I have created and maintained this site by myself for the past two years.
    My site has been hacked several times although I have plugins such as Wordfence or Bulletproof Security. I am now thinking to move the site to a platform more secure than WordPress but as easy to develop and maintain.

    Also, I am not really happy on how the shop page looks like - - it seems too simple the way it is.

    Can anyone send me some suggestions on what other platform should I use or what to do to improve my site?

    Thank you,

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    The code is safe, but if you don’t follow best practices you increase the security risk. Here are the main considerations you should check when going through your checklist:

    Secure Hosting
    Update Core and Plugins
    PCI Compliance
    SSL Certificate
    WordPress Security

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    A year later.

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    Hi, I'm quite new here as well. Was wondering if you anyone could help me or give me any suggestions regarding with my website security?

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