I woke up this morning feeling extremely nostalgic for this site, and it transpired I recalled all of my embarrassing login details (including this ridiculous handle that apparently I can't edit, but that I'm keeping for now so I can easily read through my history on here!)

So thought I'd say hello and have a wander round! I no longer test and sell hardware, not since I graduated almost a decade ago. Most recently I've been a freelance illustrator. The other day, I wanted to format my Windows 8 laptop, and actually couldn't begin to guess how to! My tech is obsolete.

But that's probably why it's a good idea to get reading through posts on here again really. Software is at an all-time apex of accessibility and user-driven ubiquity, and I don't want to let that all pass me by just because I'm not a teen anymore! So if you can bear with me being a relic of a bygone era, I'd quite like to rejoin you

Oh, and I've updated my avatar, but can't bring myself to update my sig just yet, seeing that stupid burning smiley and recalling thinking Twin Peaks was the coolest is just such a nostalgia trip!