Pinned start menu items won't allow you to right click and open multiple instances of programs. The original start menu automatically alphabetizes things. I don't understand the need of putting huge A's, B's, and C's to separate them.

Edge doesn't import settings from Internet Explorer. I can't even find the security settings in the Advanced Options menu.

Normally I'd setup the browser to block all popups/tabs unless I hit the shift button before clicking links. The last time I saw a popup was in 1998 but with Edge's settings you should expect those to return. Everything people had on their favorites are gone. And it won't even go to you're homepage. Infact, I had to go through the settings just to enable the homepage button.

Did I mention it was ugly? Tiled menus are actually adware with nothing to do with navigating.

The whole point of a GUI isn't to have a learning curve but to make it simple to use. This is why people ask a lot of dumb questions when buying phones. It doesn't really do anything except waste one third, if not half your RAM.