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Thread: Removing Virus from a Site

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    Removing Virus from a Site

    Users are detecting virus on my site - and I have no clue what it is and how to remove it. I am in blogger platform.

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    Hello Dear

    Many types Internet Security Related Software by Removing Virus from a Site

    - Norton Power Eraser
    - Website Malware Removal etc.

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    Could also be some flash, or java code giving off some false positives. The more code you add to a site, the more likely that it will also break.
    A blogging site needs text, do not add a lot of fancy transitions, animations, embedded video, and other distractions from the text that you are trying to convey.

    Validate the web code on the site by using some web tools, like the ones found on W3C.

    If your website has validated, there should be no issues from visitors claiming you have a virus on your web site. Unless of course the web server itself is infected, and sharing the virus with those that connect to it. If this is the case, contact your web provider, and tell them your situation.
    Computers do not have problems, they have users.

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    Ad servers is the biggest source of nasties today.

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    Norton Power Eraser is the best internet net security software and i am using for my internet security.

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    If you use wordpress blog platform, I think you should set up WP Site Guardian 2017 Plugin Wordpress form HERE

    My site using it, so that I recommend you

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    Yes, Norton Power Eraser is good for to remove virus from your website. As well as you can use norton for you pc anti virus. This is really good antivirus.

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    Norton Power Eraser is the best web net security programming and I am utilizing for my web security.

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