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Thread: Most private and uncensored search engine?

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    Most private and uncensored search engine?

    I'm trying to find the most private, secure, uncensored search engine. So far I've tried DuckDuckGo, Startpage, and Ixquick, have noticed that they do indeed show more results than Google, but their very popularity tends to make me a little suspicious. Is there anything better, or are those search engines what they claim to be? Also I'd prefer something with a mobile view, not an app, I'm on a flip phone I believe was designed specifically for seniors.

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    Iknow it's an old thread but relevant. The only website I can suggest is Blekko but the thing is that you can't create search engine and not track people because you can't sell this project later on.

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    Couldn't a VPN help with the issue a little as well? For privacy that would be an increase... I am not sure about the censorship. I will investigate Blekko on this subject.

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    Surely just go with Google? What's so bad about it?

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    They're all the same. I don't trust any that claim differently.

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    Nice Share keep it up.

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