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Thread: Accessing my internal, wired network from my wireless network?

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    Accessing my internal, wired network from my wireless network?

    Hey guys,

    So I have a question regarding the security of my wireless network. I have a public access wi-fi hotspot set up in my office and it occurred to me that while none of my sensitive computers are on the wireless network, the wifi router is connected to the same switch/router as the rest of my internal network.

    So my question is... is there a way to escalate from an open wi-fi hotspot to get access to my local, internal network? If so, is there something I can do to prevent that from happening? I assume some form of ids would be appropriate?

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    It would come down to networking really. Is the same ip scheme given to the machines that are connected through wifi as there are the machines hard wired ? Chances are they use the same DHCP server. Most routers I've worked with allow you to segment the ip addresses to different vlan's to prevent this kind of thing . Look into it and experiment. But out of the box the answer is most likely yes, the users will be able to reach the same machines hard wired on the LAN.
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    Most modern wireless routers have a guest network to prevent this. Enable guest network with separate SSID. Give out that ssid + key to guests but keep the other wireless network for private. Otherwise, you can implement "zones" and setup a firewall between your WAN, DMZ, LAN, WLAN, GuestWLAN, etc. I use sophos home utm. Have that with different physical NICs and plug them into a managed switch with VLANs configured for segmentation. Probably overkill for home but I had the equipment so I did it.

    Also, check out this from asus... I just use this for example because I have an ASUS wireless router. You didn't say what you have.
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