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    Web Hosting

    Hello Dear

    How to Host our sites?

    Guide about Hosting Process .

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    Web hosting refers to any service providing space for websites over the Internet. Web host enables your website to be viewed by others via modem or network by making space over its server.
    There are different kinds of web hosting services available today which are used as per the needs and requirements of the web developers.

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    Well hosting is very self explanatory today. I mean user friendly so you have to find a host first. A google result will yield many of them. I would reccomewnt you go with a bigger company its always safer for the long term. Hosting as mentioned above have many diffrent packages varying in sizes disk space and allocated resources, thiese are also generally split into three main categories,
    Shared hosting, inexpensive, but least space and resources offered good for your standard website that is not doing anything with transactions.
    Virtual private server (VPS) hosting. A VPS hosting service mimics a dedicated server, but is within a shared hosting environment.
    Dedicated server - The most expensive but you have great resource allocation among many other benefits, its not always practical for normal websites.

    Most hosting companies would be glad to answer your questions in a call or email im sure if they wont then thats already a good indicator of their customer service, something else thats very important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mehreenshaikh View Post
    Hello Dear

    How to Host our sites?

    Guide about Hosting Process .
    Hosting your site involves selecting a hosting provider, choosing a hosting plan (like shared, VPS, or dedicated), purchasing a domain name, uploading your site's files, and configuring settings. Make sure to compare their offerings, customer support, and user reviews to find the best fit for your website.

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    Educate yourself. Before you choose 1 option over another, research the different ways to host a website to ensure you make the best decision for your business.
    Choose a provider.
    Pick your plan.
    Enter your domain.
    Choose your package.

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