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Thread: How to disablethis message in google Chrome

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    How to disablethis message in google Chrome

    At the moment at friend place in a country and he has Vista Home Premium on his Pc.
    He is using Google Chrome and every time he opens it this message comes up:
    This computer will soon stop receiving Google Chrome updates because Windows xp and Vista will no longer be supported.

    Any way to disable it/get rid of it when the browser starts?


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    Please note that Mozilla Firefox is also winding down support for Windows XP.

    Unfortunately, you cannot disable the warning. The discontinuation of Windows XP and Vista is a huge deal and Chrome is letting as many users know as possible before security updates are cut off.

    All except IE 11

    And from what I found , that warning can not be shut down.

    I do have Win 10 running on old XP machines.

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    You cannot disable that message because it is very important. Using XP and Vista is not safe, and your friend should upgrade to a version that is supported. Windows 10 is recommended, but that is up to your friend.

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    Since Windows XP and Vista are not updated or supported anymore, their use is quite risky. There can be lots of unpatched security holes and bugs that cyber criminals may and can exploit to gain access to your system or to simply spy on you or drop malicious infection onto your computer. It is not advisable for you to use such an outdated system and this is why this warning will have to remain because otherwise you wouldn't be notified of the potential threats. Upgrading your system is the best you can do.

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    Just update the operative...

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    You cannot disable the warning messages. Because it's an important one. so better you can update the version of google chrome. I hope, this would be useful for you.

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