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Home button on the iPhone does not disappear, but will use more unique material

Home button on the iPhone can be improved by liquid metal
Back in 2010, when Apple recently registered a patent monopoly on the use of liquid metal alloy or very hard, had a lot of predictions about how applications alloys, metals Apple. But until now, we only see a small application that is pushed on the iPhone SIM from SIM slot.

Now, according to 9to5mac.com page, some leaked images showed a special kind of matter will help improve the physical buttons on the iPhone or many more.

Home button on the iPhone can be improved by liquid metal
Photos from Apple's patent on liquid metal
From the picture above, many people predicted that Apple could use this material to improve the accuracy, longevity of the physical buttons, and the most likely candidate is the Home button. The usual physical buttons designed very cumbersome but accuracy is not high, and especially the life of these keys very poor. The most typical example is the iPhone's Home button, the button often become inaccurate and damaged after a short period of use. The reduced elasticity is one of the main reasons leading to a short life span, and this new material is expected to be solved it.

Also, some people predicted that, in the future, Apple may use this material to make a case or protective layer for their device. Let us wait: Does Apple have to make up the difference on the iPhone 7 with this new material.