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Thread: What is the difference between HTML elements and tags?

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    What is the difference between HTML elements and tags?

    i want to know What is the difference between HTML elements and tags?

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    Considering your user name and how its the same as the links in your signature... I'd think you could tell us what the difference is

    But, I Googled your question. Here is one of many hits:

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    An element is the basic building block of HTML and is typically made up of two tags: an opening tag and a closing tag.

    For example, the paragraph element <p></p> is made up of the opening tag <p> and the closing tag </p>. The element is the collection of both the starting tag and the ending tag.

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    Hii Friends,
    Your que. is good.
    `<p>` and `</p>` are called HTML tags.
    `<p>This is the content</p>` : This complete thing is called a HTML element.

    it is simple difference between html tags and html element.

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    For example, we denote H1 tag in html like this <h1>. It is called a html tag.

    And if we give H1 to some title like <h1>Web Design and Development</h1> The whole thing inside this tag is called html elements.

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    An opening and closing of an HTML tag are called as HTML tag. And the entire code bock from starting of the HTML tag to the ending of a tag is called as HTML element.

    HTML tag is just opening or closing entity. For example:

    <b> and </b> are called HTML tags

    <b>This is a blog text</b> this is HTML element.

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    HTML element is the collection of start tag, its attributes, an end tag and everything in between. On the other hand an HTML tag (either opening or closing) is used to mark the start or end of an element, as you can see in the above illustration.

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