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Thread: which is the best antivirus?

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    Avast Free Antivirus is one of the best free security products you can install. It offers a surprising range of free goodies, including application and browser app analysis and, separately, an excellent Android suite, covering AV and anti-theft.

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    me sugesstion is that viper is best antivirus for computer becuase i'll use it for 5 years and it workiing very correltly

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    Layer your security. Have an AV solution as well as an anti-malware/spyware/PUP software running. If you are going to download and run software from the internet, build a virtual machine or a metal test box, download the software there and test the behavior. If it performs well and doesn't destroy your test system, install it on your main machine.

    Keep everything updated and perform full-system scans about once every 2 weeks to a month with live scans constantly.
    Jay C. Theriot

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    I use Avast Free Antivirus 2016 together with anti-malware (Malwarebytes Search & Destroy). I keep them updated and perform full scan once a week. The system works flawlessly.

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    Antivirus is dead. Signature based solutions are practically worthless. In addition to layering (as mentioned) you need to be looking at solutions that prevent the issue vs detecting.
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    These days anti-maleware is way more advanced than signature based only !
    Behavior blocking and other advanced features are used by all top products.
    Look at these youtube vids wich show you exactly how advanced the top products are.(even on default settings)
    At highest security settings probable even better.
    And with one or two second opinion scanners like Hitmanpro and/or malewarebytes wich are also very good in detecting PUP s ,your in reality i would say 100 % safe.....that is if your not the unlucky person who is so unlucky,that even with this security something passes through.

    Also a nice vid to watch :

    And when you install one or two second opinion scanner for on demand scans,chances something will slip through and stays undetected are almost zero.

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    I quite disagree with some commentaries that I just read here. Of course, that common sense is the best option, but if someone is here asking about an AV software, I believe that people should try to be more helpful and answer the question, instead of saying that they are all the same or that Linux is an option. Linux is certainly not an option for most people that are not familiar with programming, command lines, etc. I believe that if you don't have anything to add, you should not reply a topic like that. No one asked about "the safest OS".

    In the past (around ten years) I was more involved with technology, computer and I used to test AV softwares and to send samples to some companies. I got years of free licenses "working" together with some companies. Signature AV software are outdated, and that's the reason most companies improved their engines with heuristic and other behavioural analysis detection.

    Based on my previous experience I can just say how a company deal with samples and if they are serious about that or not. We can find a lot of tests on the internet, and some/most of them are sponsored or biassed. Usually, the "real tests" are more trustworthy. Years ago the best website to check that was the, which was maintained by Antonis Petrakis. The site was closed long time ago :/

    I believe most people use av-comparatives and as a reference. I don't trust av-comparatives because they always had very weird results (NOD32 and Norton being 1st and 2nd in the ranking at a moment when they were both inefficient AVs - they've improved and are better now). Other companies distribute certifications, but they are rubbish.

    Symantec was accused of paying people to create viruses and send the samples to them, in addition to "scare tactics" ( ).

    No AV software is perfect, but I had good experiences working with Avira, F-Secure, Kaspersky and Bitdefender. The opposite happened with ESET, Avast, Symantec/Norton, Mcafee.

    Some companies give good feedback, but their products are not good: Panda, Microworld and Trendmicro.

    When selecting an AV software, you should consider protection (signature/behavioural/heuristic) and performance. The performance constantly varies from one version/build to another, so is always good to check and try.

    This question has no answer, but I'd choose among Avira, F-Secure, Kaspersky and Bitdefender or some software that uses one of these engines/databases. I'm happy using the ZoneAlarm Extreme Security (the company also used abusive tactics in the past:

    Regarding test results, from my point of view, the av-test is the best option now. You can check the detection and performance by operating system on their website ( but you only actually know the performance when you have the software installed on your computer. I had to uninstall some good software in the past due to some incompatibility or slowdowns.

    Avira and Kaspersky are two companies that I think revolutionised the AV industry. Avira with its heuristic detection (it was not the first to do it but the one that spread the idea) and Kaspersky with its hard working finding, identifying and treating virus by signature. Kaspersky used to answer an email containing virus samples in less than 30 minutes, and the signature will be on the database update after some hours (they will update the database several times a day and do additional updates for more relevant signatures).

    Another source to compare AV software (basic features) is

    Again, I'm not involved in this topic as I used to be, but I try to be updated.

    Things to consider:

    Common sense
    Performance (when installed on your system)
    Settings/features (user-dependent or automate options, extra protection such as keylogger, bank protection, rootkits, integrated firewall, parental control, etc.)
    *Do you need only the AV? Additional resources might be useful but might also just be too heavy on your system.
    Is the company behind the AV really committed or just have good marketing (and a lot of money)?

    You can find excellent deals online, some free 3 or 6-month trials. After trying and finding a good AV, I think that paying around 50 dollars/year (sometimes very good deals can reduce this amount to less than 20 dollars/year) is not a big issue for most people.

    I hope this content is useful.

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    I personally use avast antivirus, it is easy to use and it also does not make the system slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cope57 View Post
    yes. this is the best

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    Norton was the first antivirus that I used on my first computer back in 2005 or 06. These days Kaspersky is the most popular and the one of the best among the antivirus software along with Norton. I use Kaspersky. However, total protection can never be guaranteed by any programs. Threats are always on the rise . Ultimately, protecting your system from malicious activities is in your on hands.

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