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    design or developing

    What kind of things must you be wary of when design or developing for multilingual sites?

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    Design - User Interface
    Development - To build functionality for design

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    It's important to be aware of a few things when designing multilingual sites:

    1. Redesign for the culture of the country.
    2. SEO optimization, localized.
    3. Language mistranslations.
    4. Payment gateways.

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    I think a big thing people miss when they do multi lingual websites is assume just because you are from germany you want your website in german, some countries search more in their native language whilst others will search in English... the pitfalls keywords are very diffrent in another language it not like you can directly translate keywords from english to german and think thats enough. Another mak sure to use hreflang tags in your website so google can see that its not duplicate content. Save the site in a sub folder or sub directory or whatever or the very best option use a top level domain for example.

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