Hi everyone, I've always been a reader of this forum, but this is my first post so please be gentle

I've always been intrigued by whitespaces steganography and lately I was looking for a way to make it actually usable for payload delivery, so I came up with a simple and rough tool I named html-ninja (https://github.com/ephreet).

I know this is nothing really new, it's a bit of a different approach (ie. from snow) that embeds data between words by doubling already existing whitespaces: this is actually pretty cool if you consider HTML files, which are parsed by browsers, hiding the misplaced spaces by plain sight.

The idea is that even IDPS couldn't possibly detect a file transfer or payload using this method...well I'd like to hear your honest opinion about it

Please keep in mind that the code is really rough and meant to only be a PoC.