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Thread: Decrypting File Thingy

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    Decrypting File Thingy

    I was wondering if someone might be able to help me get started. I have a small 534 byte file that I need to decrypt. I am unaware of the method of encryption, and the only pattern I can find is a repeating series of "86 89 8C" in my trusty hex editor.

    Would anyone perhaps be able to point me in the right direction of decrypting this thing?

    I don't have a lot of background, so if you know of any relevant material i could read up on, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have a small 534 byte file that I need to decrypt. I am unaware of the method of encryption
    It would probably help if we knew where you got the file? Do you just go around decrypting random files? A little more info on where the file came from and why you want to decrypt it would probably help tremendously!

    The file looks like rubbish to me... but maybe someone here will be able to help you out.
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    aargh i'm not touching this with a 10 foot pole.

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    Hi, I am not going to be of much help here, but that file is very small to be "encrypted" as opposed to "hashed"...................basically you cannot do much with a hashed file as it has had its size artificially altered.

    However, I wonder if it is encrypted at all...........It certainly isn't Korean but my first guess would be Japanese............which for me, at least would be as good as encryption

    If it isn't, then it is Mandarin or Cantonese..............

    Yeah, I find those damn motherboard manuals hard to follow as well

    Whatever it is, it is certainly in an oriental language..............and some of the characters look more like my shogi set (katana script?) than my tsiang I will go for Japanese?

    Here Ya Go:

    [sa] beam [su] 黽 monkey [ma] у 妄 several 苫 [mimuma] i boiling my 黻 鋪 [ma] у 妄 several 苫 [mimuma] i boiling weasels sluggishly [ma] у 妄 several 苫 [mimuma] i boiling and 黽 smoke ticket sluggishly the [mimuhu] attacking Kiyoshi p kite ridge [hu] 梼 [ho] 崇 beach deflection thread Tsuga э 椴 father 庶 monkey 摸 bulk nξ 倹 < [vuhuou] [i] [sa] bulk [su] 齔 sluggishly [ma] у 妄 several 苫 [mimuma] i boiling bulk bottom bulk Soviet ticket it is sluggish 倹 body 倹 tower the 嶋 [mu] 販 bulk Tsuga 涛 [mehu] 倹 套 販 倹 < [vuhu] n [re]The rope and 醇 such as former times 倹 Soviet ticket sluggishly the 倹 [hu] father 庶 monkey 摸 bulk fat [hu] bulk Tsuga [remumomimimihuremeyumimimihureyoyoyorihureyoyoyorahuma] у 妄 several 苫 [mimuhu] 梼 [ho] 崇 beach [hu] and 醇 [hu] bulk n the thread foil soot counter 齊 light # [nma] у 妄 several 苫 [mimuma] i boiling thread foil soot 緋 thread sail ticket it is sluggish [yaramimurihuyoyoyori] [sa] case ㊨ lacquer 齠 handle case [ma] у 妄 several 苫 [mimuma] i boiling light 齔 monkey [ma] у 妄 several 苫 [mimuma] i boiling 翠 purple 齔 &#37; small pox [ma] у 妄 several 苫 [mimuma] i boiling blowing 涛 淀 齠 blood [nma]i it boils, 嶋 light Soviet blowing 涛 [n] woman thread р 剏 [momo] 緋

    EDIT: That is what babelfish makes of it translating Japanese to English.
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    Decrypting File T

    Any idea why this only happens with the Steam version? Or do you think the decryption problem is caused by the newer Complete bundle and not the older Combined bundle?

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