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Thread: Pursusing Cyber Security Career-Need Hands-On Tools and Resources HELP

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    Pursusing Cyber Security Career-Need Hands-On Tools and Resources HELP

    Good Afternoon,

    I am pursuing my undergrad in Cyber Security. I just earned my Security + certification last week. However, I want to get some hands-on experience on what a Cyber Security analyst would be expected to do outside of the classroom. I am very proactive and like to explore new things. I just need some direction.

    What tools can I utilize in the comfort of my own home i.e. vulnerability scanners, WireShark, etc. Are there resources on the web I can utilize to practice these type of network tools?
    Is their resources/tools online I can utilize to better understand what exploits a black hat or ethical hacker would utilize?
    I am learning about Python and Perl. Is there any other programming languages I need to become familiar with?

    Thank you,

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    Obviously, a solid technical foundation is key. These are the general skills that are must-haves.

    Cray ClusterUnderstand architecture, administration, and management of operating systems, networking, and virtualization software
    General programming/software development concepts and software analytical skills
    Proficiency in programming in Java, C/C++, disassemblers, and assembly language and programming knowledge of two or more scripting languages (PHP, Python, Perl, or shell)
    Understanding of how the different type of firewalls and network load balancers work
    Deep understanding of how network routers and switches work
    Evaluate and design systems and network architectures

    You’ll need a detailed knowledge of three or more of these:

    Open Source CodeOpen Source Applications
    Linux Operating Systems
    Microsoft Technologies
    Wireless Technologies
    Database Modeling
    Web Application Technologies
    Compiled and Interpreted Development Languages
    Network Implementation (Operational and Security)
    Telephony Technologies (Analog and IP)
    Social Engineering
    Physical Security

    Six Skills You Need to Succeed in Cybersecurity

    Finally, there’s these:

    Convention SuperherosExamine security from a holistic view, including threat modeling, specifications, implementation, testing, and vulnerability assessment
    Understand security issues associated with operating systems, networking, and virtualization software
    Understand Web application security concepts and practices
    Understand the architecture of systems and network including identifying the security controls in place and how they are used
    Understand database weaknesses and security best practices
    Advanced understanding of general information security concepts and principles, system architectures and development
    Expert knowledge of software development security principles, concepts, and best practices
    Ability to write tools to automate certain security tasks
    Ability to do Systems and Network hardening
    Organize and coordinate technical Vulnerability Assessments including systems and network vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, web application assessments, social engineering assessments, physical security assessments, wireless security assessments and implementing secure infrastructure solutions
    Recommend and set the technical direction for managing security incidents
    Maintain the integrity of process and approach, as well as controls, for the whole incident management process including the ability to coordinate and manage major/highly sensitive investigations with potential for business wide impact/reputational damage
    Be able to understand and forensically show how attacks from the Internet are done


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