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    Remove Adware

    i'm facing the issue of appear ads on my google chrome and also on IE. I tried to uninstal the software if any, but nothing appears in control panel. i'm using windows 7. I also try to remove the adware with couple of utilities but unable to remove it.
    I'll appriciate if someone will help me to resolve this issue.

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    Hi, I'm having the same problem. I run some .exe file and after that I can see the ads on google chrome at bottom middle and bottom right. I tried some utilities to remove this adware but unable to remove it. can you please help me in this regard. thanks in advance!

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    Download, install, update and run MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (Free version for Home use is fine).

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    I suggest to use Norton 360. Norton power eraser may help about that problem.

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    I would reccommend to use MalwareBytes Anti-Malware software. It helps me to remove more than 2GB of malware and improve speed of my PC

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    If you are dealing with system wide Adware, it can be quite annoying to deal with. The following solution might be a little overkill, but it will assure that you will clean everything:

    1. Check your browser for any add-ons or extensions you do not recognize and remove them.
    2. Check your installed programs and see if there isn't anything suspicious that was installed lately (If there is, simply remove them).
    3. Install any popular antivirus and do a quick scan (Majority of the providers do have free versions of their software). Or just use Windows Defender. It works really well in most cases.
    4. Install and scan your PC with Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro to clean most adware.

    After this, in most cases, the issues of malware should be solved. If it doesn't work, sometimes Windows has a hard time removing the malware in normal mode, if that is the case, restart Windows in "Safe mode with networking". And try the following steps again. Good luck and let me know if this helps!

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    I suggest to use some anti malware software to remove those unwanted app. Simultaneously disable all the extension what you have installed on your browser.

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    If you don't have some sort of anti-virus software.... then best get it quick! Can really be useful against new viruses that appear all the time

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    I also have the same problem, I use some anti-virus software but only a while back to the same

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    I use antivirus together with antimalware from Malwarebytes. Fortunately, I did not have any problems with adware since installing both tools.

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