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Thread: Tips for preventing Phishing

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    Phishing defenses first have to educate users to identify phishing messages, but there are other strategies that can reduce successful attacks. Gateway e-mail filters capture many large-scale targeted phishing emails and reduce the number of phishing emails that reach users inbox. They work by checking requested URLs against a constantly updated database of sites suspected of distributing malware. You can check more ways over here and also this Phishing post. Hope you will find this useful

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    The best ways to save yourself from Phishing is to Install an Anti-Phishing Toolbar. Most of the popular Internet browsers allow you to install anti-phishing toolbars that are too convenient to take advantage of.

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    Nice one AmyFoxss. Google is too tired now haha... @al.waits very well said. A must read to everybody especially the one who posted the question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by al.waits View Post
    -Use ad-blockers
    -Refrain from visiting unreliable websites
    -Refrain from interacting with virtual ads/surveys/prize giveaways/random links
    -Stay cautious about spam emails that might contain phishing links (especially fake bank links because those might open bogus login pages to extract sensitive information)
    -Install reliable security software for added protection
    -STAY AWAY from too-good-to-be-true offers
    I second this!! From my experience I've heard a lot of phishing starts with an email, so adding to the list:

    - check the email of the sender, a lot of times the email address of the sender is similar to who they're trying to impersonate (ie. a difference in spelling or punctuation)
    - be cautious of emails claiming to be of some authority (like your boss or your bank) and request for your personal or financial info. It's best to directly verify with the "said" person by directly calling or contacting them through different means if your information is really needed from them
    - if you really want to check whether a link is suspicious in an email, you can hover over them and see a preview without directly clicking on it! My Mac shows my link previews on the bottom left of my screen

    hope that helps!!!

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    use secure dns and doh

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