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Thread: Tips for preventing Phishing

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    Phishing defenses first have to educate users to identify phishing messages, but there are other strategies that can reduce successful attacks. Gateway e-mail filters capture many large-scale targeted phishing emails and reduce the number of phishing emails that reach users inbox. They work by checking requested URLs against a constantly updated database of sites suspected of distributing malware. You can check more ways over here and also this Phishing post. Hope you will find this useful

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    The best ways to save yourself from Phishing is to Install an Anti-Phishing Toolbar. Most of the popular Internet browsers allow you to install anti-phishing toolbars that are too convenient to take advantage of.

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    Nice one AmyFoxss. Google is too tired now haha... @al.waits very well said. A must read to everybody especially the one who posted the question.

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