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Thread: Opinions about my new blog!

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    Opinions about my new blog!

    I recently created a new blog and I am talking about my hobbie. The blog is talking about physical fitness, health and wellness. I want to ask you if you like the desing? Any improvement sugestions?

    You can check it here - **Links removed by Site Staff so it doesn't look like you're spamming us. Please don't post them again.**
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    That adBlock blocker tells me that is a commercial site or you have nasties on your site that the ad blockes stop.
    Since about 98% of the nasties come from adservers, , , ,

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    I am also one of the blogger.. i am passionate to write a blog... so I suggested you please keep post on health related wellness topics and certain posts are your blog.. then apply ad sense then google will approve adsense.. if your blog posts are genuine then automatically ads are displayed related to your posts..

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