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Thread: Website Security

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    Question Website Security

    Can anyone tell me that my website is secure or not?

    site -

    Thanks in Advance

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    Well there are many options to find vulnerabilities on a website, some of them are as follows :

    Online scanners -

    Tools -
    Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner

    And I would recommend that you go for the tools and not the online one because, the third party would have all your security information. Its better to perform it by yourself.

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    Please tell me about my website is it secure.
    Website -

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    Good but somewhere between on speed problem

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    If you're using an internet service provider begin with securing your router. Almost all of them come with a universal password and many subscribers (simply because they just don't know) will choose to keep the universal password in place. The obvious problem with that of course is that even when advertised as 'secure' you are still unknowingly allowing the bad guy/girl an open invite to view see your logon activity. This would be equivalent to logging on to your web site using an unsecure public WIFI or WLAN.

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    Truth be told there is no way anyone can tell just by looking at a website if it is secure from compromise, but if you're asking if someone can perform a web application penetration test for you against the website you're asking about, I don't think anyone will respond because any attempt to fully test the website can potentially lead to disrupting its service or manipulating its content the result of the testing performed.

    Of course the real question is, "Are you the legitimate owner of the website and its content?" followed with, "Are you the legitimate owner of the physical server that hosts the website?" If you can answer "Yes" to both questions and provide proof, then you can hire a web-app pen tester to review it. If this is something you're interested in, I can point you in the right direction.

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