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Thread: AO Forums purge?

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    AO Forums purge?

    It has been a while since I lasted visited the AO Forums, and first of all my password was invalid, which I remembered as clear as daylight. Searching through historical e-mails, I've discovered there has been a security breach on this website (if this site can be compromised then I don't think any website is safe)

    Anyhow to my point has there been a purge of the forums, either authorised or not?


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    No there has been any sort of "purge." You can use the setting at the bottom of any section and set it to show posts since the beginning and see posts going back over a decade.

    Sure any site can be hacked... The good news is that we're not exactly a there isn't much to take etc.

    But, many months ago, as an overall security thing - we reset all passwords for members.

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