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Thread: Ransomware Survey

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    Ransomware Survey

    As part of a research project under one of the usual funders of unclassified basic research in the US, we are compiling a census of actual ransomware attacks, with the objective of detecting possible clues to attribution. A unique feature of this census is using linguistic tools to examine the dialog structure of each attack—how the attack unfolded as a conversation between the attacker and the victim. We do not need to know the identity of the victim, but do have a list of questions that we would like to pursue in a phone conversation with individuals willing to share their experiences. These questions concern the participants in the unfolding attack (characteristics of the victim; type of system infected; point of entry; what is known about the attacker or attackers; payment method and destination; whether and how law enforcement was involved), as well as the time-sequenced series of utterances among the participants. The study will be completed by the end of 2017, and a summary report will be made available to those who have contributed their experience to the census. If you would like to share your experience as the victim of an attack, please contact us at . The prime contractor for this effort has asked that we use a project-specific alias, but we are happy to disclose the funding agency to individuals who contribute to our study.

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    hmmm... this project seems to be cool

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