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Thread: Career in Game Development

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    Career in Game Development

    I have plans to do a certification course in the mobile application. I am working as a web developer in Toronto. It is being 2 years I am doing the same job. I don't think I will get any good opportunities here and I'm getting tired of the place. I am thinking to have a career change. I wish to get into a new field.

    Recently I got interested in game development. I know it is completely different from what I am doing right now. I have made a small game using HTML and javascript. That worked well but was not very user-friendly. So I wish to do a course on the mobile application developer. I have seen a career training program from a ios training Toronto and I am interested in it. I have seen they are providing certification course in swift programming too. I haven't heard much about that course. I would like to know the career opportunities in swift programming and how it would helpful for the developers.

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