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Thread: 8 ways social media helps narrate your brand story

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    8 ways social media helps narrate your brand story

    Didnít we all grow up on captivating good stories as a kid? Nothing could beat that ďedge of your seatĒ feeling when your were waiting for a narrator to get to the climax of their tale. We all felt connected to those far-away, imaginary characters because of the power of a good narrative. With age. Of course, the inkling to those characters has faded, but our love for a good story has remained.
    The importance of proper contextualizing can be described as such: Letís say your friend shows up at your doorstep with a new product and reads you an entire sales script about how much theyíre enjoying their purchase. Wouldnít that be too odd?
    How it works is, your friend will first give you a background about their purchase decision and then all about your product before recommending that you should also buy your own. Now imagine, that friend is a company trying to sell you that product. It is easy to see how you would be more likely to consider a purchase if a direction is strategically placed somewhere in a story thatís just too hard to not to be a part of.
    So, if your aim is to get out there and tell your brand story. Here are a few simple, but effective tips to make your story heard well.
    1. Whatís your current brand positioning like?
    Unless you are starting a brand new company, there is already going to be a preexisting view of your brand. Before your story is out in the world, make sure you understand what people think of your brand and why.
    This does not denote that your brandís identity must stay the same forever. Just as people change and develop over time, your brandís personality and voice may be adapted. You just need to be sure of where you are starting and where you are heading.
    2. Consider the core values of your company
    Before putting any kind or material up for marketing into the world for all to see, think about the basic values of your brand. Does the content of your story match all the core values and voice your brand is aiming for? If the answer is yes, then you may proceed.
    3. Remember why you are telling your story
    Are you telling your story to rekindle your brandís position in the mind of current customers? Or is it to capture the attention of prospective customers? The most effective stories will turn your followers into leads and eventually into loyal customers.
    4.Is your story shareable?
    Itís very hard to put the above mentioned points in accordance of their importance, but this oneís the most vital. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. Looking at your own story from the outside; do you connect with it on an emotional level? Does the story inspire you enough to share with your friends? Does the concept further interest you in the services/products provided by the brand?
    5. Make your customers a part of your story.
    An easy, effective way to increase the share ability of your brand story is to talk less about yourself and more about your customers. Show your future fans how your brand has positively impacted the stories of your current customers. Sourcing user-generated content is a great way to use your current customers in new ones.
    6. Use video
    Videos on social platforms are guaranteed to get great engagement. Additionally, nothing can show off the personality of your brand like a short, engaging, or even goofy behind the scenes clip.
    7. Select the correct tools
    You most likely have customers eager to hear your story on every social platform. This does not mean that you need to engage every platform at once. Locate where your customers spend most of their time and focus there first. Some platforms are particularly inviting of stories. Take note of Facebook tools such as ďMilestonesĒ and carousel ads that are practically made for creating narratives.
    8. be consistent and authentic
    There are times when a friend tells a story and makes 4 alterations before itís over. You have already put the consumers into a skeptic mind. Donít give them a reason to do so even more. Always be true to your brand and tell your story honestly. Honesty always shines.

    With these tips in mind, design your social content into a powerful narrative that your customers will truly connect with.

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    Nice and informative post. Thanks for sharing.

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    If you are going to COPY information off the internet you need to also include the URL so it doesn't look you're trying to pass the post as your own words.
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    There are lots of ways to write content for social media platforms you just need to understand your niche and your potential clients. Keep them in mind using some software which helps you in narrating. If you want to optimize the Instagram profile which helps you to get more clients in lesser time.

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    Great read. Cheers

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    Thank you for this amazing information.

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