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Thread: free avg and zone alarm

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    free avg and zone alarm

    a tech friend of mines told me to save memory i should delete my mcafee antivirus and firewall and install free avg and zone alarm pro and that would be just as good as mcafee. And that mcafee and norton are huge memory hogs. Is this true and is using free avg and zone alarm pro instead of my mcafee suite a smart thing to do? is it just as secure?? more secure or less secure.

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    Mcafee and norton aren't the memory hogs they used to be years ago.

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    401 > The best antivirus software for Windows (Home User)
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    Depends on your PC specs and Windows version. If you are running Windows 10. I would strongly recommend going with the default Windows Defender as that will hog the least amount of resources. Addition to that, you can have Malwarebytes and Adwcleanear for on-demand scanning.

    If you have Win8.1 or lower, Your best would probably be Comodo or Kaspersky free version. They don't take that many resources. With the addition of anti-malware software mentioned below, it should be a solid protection suite.

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