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Thread: Benefits of 2d Over 3d Animation

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    Benefits of 2d Over 3d Animation

    2d animated videos

    We all love animation, in fact, we have grown up watching them. Do you remember those days when as a kid, you wanted to be a part of the animated world? Well, thanks to technology, with the evolution of 3D animation services, this dream has become partially true! 2D animation process is different from that of 3D in terms of latest technology, which lets you connect and identify more with the animated world which wasnít possible with the 2D animated videos. However, the rise of 3D animation services hasnít affected the popularity of 2D animation. This traditional form of animation is still used in making most animated explainer videos by many corporate companies. Such is the aura of 2D animation! Let us now consider the unique qualities of 2D animated videos which make it still the most preferred choice in the area of animation.

    We all are well acquainted with this thought and as a matter of fact, we trust it too. 2D animation services have been well tried and tested through ages and have been giving positive results every single time. Whatever the concept is, you can always rely on 2D animation services. The best part is that almost any animation services company offer 2D animation services.

    Not everyone of us can bear the cost of harnessing the 3D technology. 2d animation process is simple, quicker and thatís the reason it comes with a comparatively low production cost. In 3D animated videos, it is mandatory to bring in lifelike characters into the animated videos to make it look more realistic. Such is not the case with 2d animation videos. It has its own style and hence comes with a comparatively lower production cost than 3D animation services.

    What if an image in the animated video goes wrong for some reason? Or what if it simply doesnít comply with the clientís needs? Then you might have to fix errors right? Well, let me tell you, fixing errors is always easy if you have produced a 2D animated video. You just need to redraw the error and youíre almost done!

    You ought to take the help of 2D animation services, in case you are working on a really tight schedule. It takes less time in production as compared to 3D animation services. This is because there is no need of a third dimension in 2D animated videos. Also, 2D animation services do not have the pressure to create real-looking images like that of 3D animation services and hence they take less time in covering the production process.

    All of us are wired in a way that we are bound to get attracted towards simplicity. An animated video should be simple and compelling. 3D animation service has no doubt given us many additional features which can make your video stunning. But not all videos need all of those 3D features. Sometimes more graphics and images tend to make the explainer video complex and hence may disrupt the entire message. So, if you are working on a complex project, you should reconsider using 3D and switch to 2D animation services.

    As compared to 3D animation, it is easier to produce a 2D animated video. This is because of its less involvement of latest technology and software. Too much of advanced technology used in the 3D animated videos can make things a bit complex. But 2D animation services is known for its simplicity and hence easy from every angle.

    While 3D animation process replicates the real world to create more lifelike animation, 2D animation process, on the other hand, offers more artistic freedom. You are free to depict strange actions with 2D animated videos and make your animation more compelling and fun.
    Therefore, one might say that 2D animation process limits oneís choices. But let me tell you, this is not the case. It doesnít limit oneís choice, instead, widens it. Because everyone can use it with ease. Its features such as simplicity, low production cost, less time consuming, easy error fixing capacity and the artistic freedom, makes it still the first choice of animators all over the world.

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    I agree with all the points highlighted above, but the most prominent was "ARTISTIC FREEDOM" 2D animation is much easier to produce as compared to 3D models. It is the most simple road to enter the animation world.

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    I love this field of business, how can I learn and are there free platforms to deal with

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    I'm pleased to hear 2D animation's benefits. It's true that it offers a great deal of freedom and can be produced quickly and easily.

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