Recently we have had a ton of issues with our router its from a third party but supplied bu our internet service provider. Strange thing is it has no internet acces upon reset though for few moments it has connection and then loses it again.

Let me give you some background were i live we have ONE isp and they are corrupt as all hell , because where else will you go , i thought maybe they are trying to force new router sales so i did this.

I did a factory reset and before i set up my adsl account password in username into the router i went to the tr-069 setting and changed the details the isp uses to access the router. Then i connected to my account and boom everything works fine now. This leaves me to wonder if they arent causing the trouble on my router. '

I now however maybe once every two day get kicked off temporarily with a message saying ip address conflict detected. Anybody know what that could be? i can get back on immediately without changing anything.